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RepTool - a reporting/printing tool

It's made from two components: libreptool, that manages report's definition files and generates reports and printing; and greptool, a graphical front-end to libreptool.
With RepTool you can make normal printing, entirely generated from you application and without a source database; or you can make complicated reports based on records from a database mixed to programmatically generated objects.


Libreptool is a library that manages report's definition files; so you can manages these files from your application. With libreptool you can create and edit report's definition files; you can edit every single object contained into the report's sections and every object's aspect. At the end, you can generate the report and then print it to Postcript, PDF, PNG or printer.
Moreover, libreptool includes a Gtk+ widget with which you can preview the report inside your application.

Libreptool is written in C so it is very easy to make bind from other programming languages (Python, Perl, Java, etc.).


With greptool you can visually manage report's definition files from a friendly graphical user interface.



Description Report's definition Printing's definition PDF output
A report from a database xml xml pdf
A report created programmatically xml xml pdf
Some features test xml xml pdf




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